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IMPC Secretariat

A Secretariat has been established to support the IMPC Steering Committee implement the operational plan including:

  • Establishing international workgroups comprising representatives from the participating centers, funders and external experts to provide advice to the Steering Committee on operational areas such as Phenotyping and Informatics
  • Organising meetings and other workshops to engage the wider biomedical sciences community in the development of the IMPC programme

The Secretariat also performs the following project management roles:

  • Coordinating the activities of the IMPC and the Steering Committee; organizing, convening and managing meetings and teleconferences on a monthly schedule
  • Coordinating the activities of the workgroups established by the Steering Committee
  • Organizing regular IMPC meetings including:
    • An annual IMPC conference, including a formal report to the Panel of Scientific Consultants
    • Additional special focus meetings as agreed by the Steering Committee
    • Meetings including various interest groups from the wider community
  • Maintaining the IMPC website

Secretariat Contact

Please visit this contact form to contact our Secretariat.

Executive Director:

Mark Moore, PhD
Email: m.moore [at]