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IMPC Industrial Sponsors and Partners

The International mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) welcomes input from the private sector, and is keen to form partnerships with them.

The IMPC currently comprises 16 Research and 6 Funding members, which make a substantial customer base and opportunity for scientific synergy with industry. We seek to engage with industry at several levels: Institutional Membership, Corporate Sponsorship and Corporate Partnership. We request any interested parties submit proposals to the IMPC for consideration at any time. For more information please see the attached document.

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Current industrial sponsors and partners

Charles River Laboratories

Charles River is the first Corporate Partner, as well as a Corporate Sponsor of the IMPC. This partnership will support special projects, research grants, education and other related activities of the IMPC, allowing CRL to play an important role in delivering the future success of the project.

For more information about CRL, and their partnership with the IMPC, please see CRL’s press release announcing their partnership with the IMPC

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Taconic joined as the first  Corporate Sponsor of the IMPC. As a leading provider of mouse models and other life sciences solutions, Taconic’s sponsorship of the IMPC will be beneficial to both parties as they further the use of the mouse to study gene function and underlying human disease.

For more information about Taconic, and their sponsorship of the IMPC, please see the IMPC’s press release announcing the sponsorship confirmation

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