IMPC Presentations

Cross-species comprehensive phenotyping to reveal the genetic basis of disease: Informatics for the International Mouse Phenotyping ConsortiumAmerican Society of Human Genetics2016-10-20Vancouver, CanadaposterIMPC-TAGC.pdf
International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium: Past, Present, Future - Making Mouse Models for All Protein Coding GenesASBMR (American Society of Bone and Mineral Research) Symposium: "Bone-omics: Translating Genomics Discoveries into Clinical Applications"2016-09-15Atlanta, USAtalkIMPC-Atlanta-2016.pptx
Exploring the genetic landscape of auditory functionKOMP meeting on deafness2016Washington DC, USAtalkIMPC-deafness-Washington-2016.pptx
Exploring Mouse Phenotypes: From Unknown Gene to Knockout with a ClickSociety for Developmental Biology2016-08-07Boston, MA, USAtalkLabosky-SDB-August-2016.pdf
International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium- a Platform for Phenotypic and Translational DiscoveryInternational Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society2016-05-15Bar Harbor, ME, USAtalkiBANGS_IMPC.pptx
IMPC Web portal overviewThe Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC)2015Orlando, FL, USApptxTAGC-IMPC-web-portal-overview.pptx
IMPC Embryo Pipeline overviewThe Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC)2016Orlando, FL, USApptxTAGC-IMPC-embryo-pipeline-overview.pptx
IMPC web manual- Summer 2016The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC)2016Orlando, FL,
IMPC Update Spring 2017Gives project overview and highlights recent additions to portal2017-06IMPC_update_spring_2017.pptx
IMPC Data Release 5.0IMPC Overview 20172017-01IMPC_Data5.0_2017.pptx
IMPC Overview- 2015A complete overview of the data generation and dessimination process2015-10-15IMPC-overview-2015.pptx
Data ReleaseNumbers from latest data release2016-05-12IMPC-data-release-4.3.pptx
IMPC PartnersLists all of the IMPC partner institutes2015-10-15IMPC-partners.pptx
IMPC Partners MapMap of All IMPC partners2015-10-16IMPC-partners-map.pptx
IMPC informatics Acknowledgement.Members of the Mouse Phenotyping Informatics Infrastructure (MPI2)2015-09-16IMPC-informatics-acknowledgement.pptx

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