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mammalian phenotype


Definition: the observable morphological, physiological, behavioral and other characteristics of mammalian organisms that are manifested through development and lifespan

abnormal adipose tissue morphology

Synonym: abnormality of adipose tissue, adipose tissue dysplasia, adipose tissue abnormalities

Definition: any structural anomaly of the connective tissue composed of fat cells enmeshed in areolar tissue

increased brown adipose tissue amount

Synonym: increased brown fat amount, increased brown fat

Definition: increased amount of the thermogenic form of adipose tissue that is composed of brown adipocytes

abnormal adipose tissue distribution

Synonym: abnormal fat distribution

Definition: alterations in the normal placement of body fat

big ears

Synonym: macrotia, increased outer ear size, enlarged ears, large ears

Definition: outer ears of a greater than normal size

small ears

Synonym: microtia, reduced pinna size, reduced ear size, decreased ear size

Definition: outer ears of a smaller than normal size

abnormal ear shape


Definition: any anomaly in the characteristic surface outline or contour of the external ear

abnormal ear position

Synonym: abnormal position of pinna, abnormal pinnae position, abnormal pinna position, abnormal ear distance/ position

Definition: anomaly in the space between or the placement of the outer ears

lowered ear position

Synonym: protruding ears

Definition: outer ears are situated below the normal location often giving the perception of protruding from the head

increased bone mineral density

Synonym: increased bone density, elevated BMD, increased BMD, elevated bone mineral density

Definition: increase in the quatitative measurment value of mineral content of bone; BMD is used as an indicator of bone strength used as a measure of structural strength and screen for osteoporosis; bone mineral density is the ratio of bone mineral content to bone size

Showing 1 to 10 of 2061 entries

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